Hello, we are

Forgotten Byte

A Passionate Hobby Indie Developer Studio Located in Germany

About us

We are a small indie company focused on providing fun, innovative and entertaining applications.
Currently we are two friends who enjoy working together on creative ideas in their free time, that may spark joy for other gamers around the globe.
Feel free to hit us up on our socials and get in touch us.

Also please make sure to check out or current games down below.
We are always happy to receive feedback on how we could improve.

Latest Games

Island Hopper

Check out our first release on Steam and don’t miss out on Island Hopper!

Island Hopper is a cozy indie game experience in which you build up your island that was destroyed by a devastating tornado.
Gather resources, upgrade your gear and face monsters on procedural generated biomes.

Be prepared for more!

Check back regularly to keep in touch with our upcoming releases!